Steam Education and All About It

Why Your Child Should Explore STEAM Summer Camp?

Now a days, children are a little curious about exploring and learning new things by genetic. Being in an instructive static learning system will make your child as narrow-minded, to avoid other people’s opinions and hesitate to accept new ideas. They will fix themselves into a secure loop. Here STEAM education plays as a big foundation of learning in every child which includes disciplines Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics together. This education will stimulate your child to discover, try new things, think a broad range of ideas and improve their creativity, innovativeness, bring up their natural inborn skills to advance and more.

At ScienceUtsav, we are proud to introduce STEAM to children. The reason being, STEAM takes in and provides excellent hands-on experience. It helps to understand real-life situations and react rapidly based on the situation. Children can understand the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math easily by doing experimental challenging activities instead of just listening to the lecture given by the teacher inside the classroom in the school.

STEAM- Collaborative Learning :

Inclusive of collaborative learning in STEAM improves problem-solving skills and fast in completion of a task. Arrange for STEAM activities to young children and form groups. Allow them to discuss and do activities by themselves. Let them share their individual beliefs or as a group in the classroom. Each student may have different ideas and observations about the task. By doing these exercises jointly will improve communication, solving complex problems, sharing thoughts, others point view, and more.

Encouraging children’s originality :

Parents also should take part in encouraging children toward STEAM learning by discussing their experiences at school. You look forward to your children’s activity every day or every week and listen to their learning during Science or math class. Discuss the project they did at school and encourage them to do a model project or a similar project at home. Watch their self-determining and investigation skills. This will motivate them to research things individually and do discoveries.

Instill the purpose of education through hands-on activities :

STEAM implicates in introducing new concepts of four disciplines through activities, STEAM-based toys (Techno Sounds kit, Electro Machines kit and Hands-on coding set Robot toy) and games. It helps them to simply understand the concepts and understand how it applies in the real world. The chance of recalling the task or concept is highly possible through STEAM learning rather than just reading the concepts in the textbook through conventional education.

STEAM learning together brings the student to accept and overcome failure. It helps them to try again and again even when they go through numerous failures to succeed in their passionate things. It improves determination towards interests and passion. It helps them to come out from comfort zone and learn from mistakes. It teaches life lessons and by asking questions “why,” “how,” and “what if,” will clarify about the world around and face it with confidence.

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