STEAM Online Summer Camps: Could this boost your child’s future?

Students get ready with their white lab coats and excited to see scientific experiments in chemistry, biology and physics. This is one of the best ways to develop a relationship with other teachers and students with a vision that younger children will get excited about the possibilities of science.

Most of the schools in India understand STEAM education and its significance, so they have tied up with STEAM educators like ScienceUtsav and offer several workshops, and after school programs. The focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is increasing gradually. These types of schools concentrate on improving critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration by providing innovative learning experiences. 

Students are curious and inquisitive. They face all the challenges without giving up easily. Hence it is our responsibility to nurture them with required skills. In the process of enhancing the skills, here are some guidelines followed by some people. 

  • One of the key methods of some schools and teachers of those schools don’t provide any answers to their students. Instead, they offer the tools for the students to come up with their own conclusions.
  • Children come forward spontaneously to think out of the box”. At ScienceUtsav,  “We help students with many opportunities for them to become better critical thinkers and also help them solve real-world problems.”
  • We help them expand their horizons and embrace diversity.  Getting good conversations with more like-minded individuals opens up with lot of opportunity to know more about subjects which we want more to talk about, no matter whether it is about STEAM, art or Netflix movies,”

Here is one more innovative program  we added to the list, which is an Inventor and Explorer  online STEAM course that integrates Learning, Exploration and Experiment. Students step into the process of researching on the Science that is left unexplored in the regular textbooks

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