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Interesting growth mindset activities for kids

Nowadays, children are more energetic and excited to take up more challenges and keep working on them despite of setting back. These are certain typical sign for the growth mindset in children. 

What is growth mindset?

The term growth mindset speaks more about how the present generation kids can face the challenges and setbacks. When compared with the kids of fixed mindset who believe that their capabilities can’t be changed, growth mindset kids have more abilities to develop over time.

Effective thinking for your child is to think ‘what’s next’ and ‘I can’ instead of setting back by thinking ‘I am done’ and ‘ I can’t’. So improving thoughts in present children’s mind is an ongoing process. It’s not more difficult to change your kid’s mindset from fixed to a growth mindset. You have to make them more involved in many fun activities. You have to teach them how to learn from. Mistakes are an approach to new challenges in different ways. 

Why Growth Mindset is important?

Growth mindset is a key process on how we make our kids face challenges and setbacks.

These growth mindset improves the learning and concentration ability of the kids. 

We have several approaches to help kids to increase their growth mindset. 

  1. Negative and Positive 

These introductions to positive and negative exercise helps your child to be more comfortable with growth mindset. These types of exercises give you a great understanding on how to change the mental thinking by just altering the internal voice.

First, make them write a list of negative statements which we can change by ourselves. For instance  “I’m not good enough” or “I’m too bad at this”. The next step is to help them know how to replace those negative on the phrase by merely altering the language we use.

In such an approach, kids will make simple connections on how to change, how we speak, how to improve, how to feel about ourselves. Keep on helping and encouraging them to give a try with the remaining sentences. 

  1. Help kids learn about the power of positivity

Teach your kids to know more about positive thinking which gives them knowledge on things that are difficult and which takes time to practice before getting succeeded. You have to teach them to have an attitude of  “I can do it” which makes them one day that they will and they can do it one day. You can make use of a note pad or a graphic organizer to note all the growth mindset take-away from some books 

3 Tell them about the famous personalities and their failures 

We have a lot of history which are more inspiring stories for success. Narrating these successful stories to your kids gives them more inspiration and helps them to overcome adversity to succeed. 

Now get ready to search on the most popular stories of historical famous failures. Explain to your kids on how these people fail and how they overcome to become even stronger to achieve their goals. 

How do we contribute?

Contributing in strong relationships and creating healthy communities are some of the points we could offer which come from within us. It might be an idea that we share to the group or a talent. The greatest achievement can be achieved by giving out our knowledge to the group around us. 

As a STEAM educator we firmly believe in critical thinking and creativity for a bright future. Hence, we had designed our curriculum to enhance these life skills. Activities in our workshop help kids acquire these skills. 

Take away

Make a habit for your kids to sit around with groups or in pairs where they can get more ideas and they will learn to contribute to others which in turn they will learn to contribute to the society.

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