I am a Maker – Inventor (Age: 12+)

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This program is most suitable for children of age 12 years to 14 years. The activities at the senior program let the little one’s creativity run free with a set of invention activities and materials.

Through this program, children can learn how to use a potentiometer and understand how resistance is directly proportional to the intensity of light. They can also explore various Newton’s laws of motion; know-how magnetism and electricity go hand in hand through fascinating hands-on experiments.

The activities designed in the senior category necessitates exploring through a design framework, from identifying requirements, to construct a prototype-based project, and understand the concept behind the outcome. The course will include a lesson guide that will help children in executing the exploration.

These fascinating hands-on and online programs include resources, materials, videos, virtual training, inquires and much more. The science kits contain all the necessary tools and materials for the children to complete a problem-based invention project

Course Features

  • Duration8 week
  • Skill leveladvanced
  • LanguageEnglish


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