I am a Maker – Inventor (Age: 12+)

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This program is most suitable for children of age 12 years to 14 years. The activities at the senior program let the little one’s creativity run free with a set of invention activities and materials.

Through this program, children can learn how to use a potentiometer and understand how resistance is directly proportional to the intensity of light. They can also explore various Newton’s laws of motion; know-how magnetism and electricity go hand in hand through fascinating hands-on experiments.

The activities designed in the senior category necessitates exploring through a design framework, from identifying requirements, to construct a prototype-based project, and understand the concept behind the outcome. The course will include a lesson guide that will help children in executing the exploration.

These fascinating hands-on and online programs include resources, materials, videos, virtual training, inquires and much more. The science kits contain all the necessary tools and materials for the children to complete a problem-based invention project

Course Features

  • Duration8 week
  • Skill leveladvanced
  • LanguageEnglish


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Adveeka Bhatia

Adveeka Bhatia is an emphatic teacher who is driven by the thirst to learn constantly. She is
currently pursuing her Bachelors in English and strongly believes that the key to teach students
is understanding them and connecting with them.
A bright child in school, Adveeka is an all rounder. She believes that except studies, 21st
century skills like communication, critical thinking, leadership qualities etc. are important for
overall growth. She is a trained kathak dancer and also has a keen interest in dramas and
theaters. She has constantly participated in various dance and theater competitions and won
accolades. Apart from this, she is a craft junkie. You can find her creating different diy crafts in
her free time.
Always wearing a heartwarming smile, she makes sure that her students are always
comfortable with her. She is an ardent believer that the learning process between a teacher and
a student is both ways. Just like a student learns from a teacher, a teacher learns from the
student. That is why she constantly attempts to make her sessions interactive and lively!

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