About Us

About Us

ScienceUtsav, with more than a decade of experience in edutainment industry, promotes and creates an interactive STEAM ecosystem for children of 6 years to 14 years. ScienceUtsav’s  virtual  training  will  empower  children to  make  effective use  of  project-based  learning  to  boost  their  exploration,  increase  engagement and  reinforce  critical  thinking  skills.  More  than  all, it  makes  STEAM  subjects  fun  and  interesting  for  young  minds. We  have  implemented  proven  methodologies  for  turning  regular  activities  into  an  incredible  learning  experience  that  will  take  your  kids learning  to  a whole  new  level. 

Why ScienceUtsav?

  • At ScienceUtsav, we strive hard to offer a better quality of education through practical exploration and mould children as capable, competent and skilled professionals for their future.
  • We help students with our interactive learning environment.
  • We help them explore beyond the curriculum through our interactive events.
  • In our STEAM camps, student can put the real-world knowledge together and start applying the ideas that they learned in their text books in a fun and engaging way.
  • Kinesthetic learning methodology makes children explore various areas of study and support them with a basic understanding of how each concept is connected.
  • A two-year research over 1500 school children revealed that students who participate in STEAM summer camps were more likely to show a career interest in the Engineering and Science fields in the future.
  • Hence, it clearly demonstrates that enrolling your child in a STEAM-oriented summer camp is an ideal way to provide them more choice as they start considering their career path through high school, college, and beyond.
    – Develop more curiosity in learning through hands-on and building projects.
    – Solid foundation through conceptual learning.
    – Supports in cracking the competitive exams like NEET, JEE, OLYMPIAD, etc in future.
    – Pursue top courses having wide career options and be future-ready.

About Our Science Experts

We strongly believe that our skilled and well-informed teachers are the most valuable resources we have at ScienceUtsav. Our educators working in STEAM events, efficiently handle various orientation, tasks, programs, events, and requirements in and out of the facility to enhance students’ learning in a STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) environment. Coping with this approach to teaching has created a need for educators with a unique mindset and characteristics. This is required to manage the lofty vision of kinesthetic learning as an integrated curriculum that enhances the standards and bridge the gap between textbook learning and practical education. Our teachers and curriculum help the children to explore the outside world to find solutions to real-time problems and prepare them to be innovative and creative.

ScienceUtsav’s curriculum is very specific to age groups, focuses more on inquiry-centred STEAM-based subjects and practical exploration for professional growth. All our contents are STEAM research-based curriculum aligned with National and International standards.